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at Home

My wife Catherine and I have been living in Townsend, Massachusetts since 1977, except for a temporary relocation to Opio, France ('86–'90). Before that we lived in Bedford, Massachusetts ('76–'77), Washington, D.C. ('70–'76), Oberlin, Ohio – the birthplace of our two daughters ('67–'70), and Port Jefferson Station, Long Island ('66–'67).

at Play

Although I live in Townsend, my personal community is centered in the First Parish Church, Unitarian Universalist, in Ashby, Massachusetts (one town to the West).

I sing 2nd bass in On Wings of Song (choral recording group), the First Parish Church Choir, and Nashua Actorsingers' Holiday Stroll choruses.

Before the days of home video, the Clark family went out to the movies once or twice a week, 52 weeks a year. A laser videodisc player arrived in our home in 1982. Catherine and I still have a serious movie habit, but these days it's letterbox editions at home, first on laserdisc and now DVD, Blu-ray, and online streaming.

Our daughters are grown and living on their own. Filling some of the void are 75+ teddy bears.

I bought my first Macintosh in 1990, a Mac IIci running System 6.0.4. It was love at first sight. Today's Macs are an iMac Retina 5K (Mac #9) and a MacBook Pro (#7). The love has endured.

The World Wide Web was lust at first sight, a wonderfully satisfying experience for someone who had worked on hyperlinking technology for a number of years.

at Work

During my many decades in the computer business, I've been a software developer (IBM & Digital operating systems, software development tools, desktop applications) and a user experience designer (known in earlier days as a user interface designer) specializing in Web applications (task-oriented Web sites) like e-commerce and Web-based publishing.

These days I'm an independent software developer, Web site developer, and Macintosh missionary. My Dancing Bears site has a more complete story.

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